A Full Range of Dental Services

Way more than just your routine cleaning. We offer a variety of treatments to service all of your dental needs. From reversing damage to cosmetic treatments, we can handle it all.

Restorative Treatment

Let us help you spot and address any areas of concerns. We can prevent and restore tooth decay. Our office only uses composite, or tooth colored, dental fillings. We can address all of your concerns and improve your oral health.

Emergency Treatment

Tooth pain is no joke. We take every emergency call seriously and want to help you get out of pain as quick as possible. We will attempt to get you in as soon as we can to address the issue and get you the help you need.

Cosmetic Treatment

If you are looking to get a smile make-over or just freshen things up, we can help! We utilize the newest technology available right here in Pea Ridge, AR. Let us help you achieve your goals. From crowns to veneers, we are here to assist you!


Make a stunning first impression with a bright smile. We offer the highest quality whitening technology available to take your grin from okay to dazzling. Let the Pea Ridge team brighten your smile and improve your confidence.

Invisalign® Treatment

Invisalign clear aligner therapy is one of the most well known alternative to braces out there. Invisalign straightens your teeth without wires or brackets. Be free to eat as you please and maintain the ability to keep all your teeth easily clean!

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Botox® & Filler Treatments

While you’re in our chair, let Dr. Jones enhance your facial features as well. As a certified provider of injection fillers, Dr. Jones can not only fix your smile but freshen up your face too. Add a filler to your next dental appointment and leave feeling confident and youthful!

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Reach out to the Pea Ridge Dental staff today to schedule your treatment. Take the next step in improving your oral health, stunning smile, and overall confidence.
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